Beth Townsend, ‘Life on Purpose’, and “Live on Purpose TV” coming soon! Stay tuned!

Are you living your “Life on Purpose?” We believe in changing the world, one story at a time. Here is why? 

Why so much about purpose?

As a young business executive assigned to be a “traveling trainer,” my topics were about customer service, effective management and leadership. One common question from participants from various ages stood out. How did you know your purpose?

As if I knew how to answer that! In my 20’s, my only purpose was making ends meet. My career focus was about climbing the corporate ladder. For myself, not others, I needed legitimate answers.

Later as I matured and my faith in Christ grew, that question about purpose burned within me.

Then came marriage and children, so staying close to home became my priority. God put it on my heart to switch my talent toward writing rather than speaking. In my journal in 2004 I wrote that I wanted to write a book called People with Passion. The concept was to interview people who knew exactly what God called them to do and learn how they did it. Then that burning question about purpose could be answered for me so that going forward I would be able to share the answer. Many interviews followed.

My journey took me into offices, coffee shops and homes of Governors, U. S. Senators, Ambassadors, NFL football stars, Major League Baseball Hall-of-Famers, internationally known humanitarians, great artists and business leaders. There were also many amazing everyday across the table who told how God moved in their lives. While the book hasn’t happened quite yet, I was being published monthly.  Many of these powerful stories were delivered through Christian magazines and articles! And God molded me by teaching me to interview and write succinct testimonies that touch the lives of many. Today my platform as the publisher of a Christian magazine allows me to continue to  meet and reach people who share encouraging stories that are evidence of God’s powerful activity in the modern world.

ONE Number White BG-01Now my purpose is clear. It is to share testimonies–a very fun passion! Though I’ve proven myself as a writer by having been published monthly for years, I’m still a work in progress!

One truth that I’ve learned is that everyone needs to get better at sharing their stories!  Testimonies are often not shared because many feel they are not ready. But my experience teaches me that we can change the world, one story at a time!

Your story matters, my story matters. But they must be shared-effectively! God is at work in our lives!

So, let’s do this! Let’s share and let’s learn from one another. Let’s change the world: ONE STORY AT A TIME!