How do you know your purpose?

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Even the God-given gift of leadership can’t stop many born-leaders from heading full- speed in the wrong direction— usually being blindly followed by others. Years ago, one simple question changed Beth Townsend’s life. As she quickly climbed the corporate ladder to an executive position people kept asking: “How did you know your purpose?” She didn’t. Answering it took her on a journey for two decades, interviewing prominent athletes, political leaders, entertainers, humanitarians, philanthropists, and authors. But there were also many ordinary folks who were changing the world in near anonymity. The journey was life-altering, with an underlying lesson that ensures going in the right direction—you must be led before you can lead. Life on Purpose is about the principles gleaned from those Godly-people passionately pursuing theirs.

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Learning to live “Life on Purpose,” One story at a time. 

Life on Purpose

One Story at a Time

God gifted Beth Townsend as an extraordinary communicator, who developed her skills to become an expert interviewer. She became a self-taught writer adept at transforming her face-to-face conversational interviews to bring people’s stories to life for nearly twenty years through her magazine articles. Among the people Beth is privileged to have worked with are three United States Senators, two governors, and a diverse group of entertainment and sports legends, ranging from comedian Jeff Foxworthy to Civil Rights leader Andrew Young to New York Times’ Bestselling Author David Baldacci to former NFL Man-of-the-Year Warrick Dunn. January 8th 2020, she ventures into the television as host of Life on Purpose TV, which will stream on the Facebook Watch Channel Uplift and Serve, and distributed nationally to subscribers of Pureflix.com.