Lack of preparation is killing our faith.


God is our advocate. As I go into meetings today and throughout the week, my goal is to enter like I have Almighty God on my side. How could I be so quick to forget something so critical to everything I do? Lack of preparation is killing our faith.

Sure, I’ve got some tough hurdles to cross this week. One in particular causes the pit in my stomach to churn. It’s scary. Yet God promises not only to be with me, go before me, and empower me, He promises also to by my Advocate. Oh how I need that comfort.

Preparation is the key. To meditate on that truth changes every thing! It changes us, it changes outcomes, and it changes how we approach everything we do. We must practice that reality and hang on to that awesome truth. God is our Advocate. He is in our corner.  He is for us!

Lack of preparation is killing our faith. Proper preparation brings life, faith and assurance that we believe God at His word.

If God is for us, who can be against us? Let’s rest on that “God is for us part” this week. Let that be our motivation to change how we think in everything we do.

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