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A “wet and wild” Wimbledon? So much for class! Let’s take a stand people! PLEASE GET MAD ABOUT SOMETHING!

We love sports. I especially love tennis because it’s one game I get and also enjoy playing.

This year was no different. Our family watches as much as we can as the tournament leads towards the finals. Wimbledon is unique in that it is known to be high class. The athletes are even required to wear all white. Such a clean and crisp look. Right?

Yet this year ESPN decided to air a commercial over and over about a “chat” site! Really? Did anyone notice but me? I used to watch this with my CHILDREN! So it’s OK on a weekend morning to try to sneak in a commercial about pornography? Some ‘sex machine’ woman on the screen seductively inviting others to “live chat?” DURING WIMBLEDON?

I get it. Sex sells. But ESPN should not have aired that commercial at all, let alone during family viewing times. Wimbledon should have protested as well. Someone should have stopped it.  Where is the sense of common decency? Respect for children and families?

Does this anger anyone but me? It’s a family sport, kid friendly!  Do we have no standards anymore? Does anyone get mad about anything? Do others see what is happening? Our children’s minds are being filled with this crap and we are just letting it happen. Because we do nothing. NOTHING!

Please will someone get mad with me? The sex industry is WINNING THE SOULS of our children and families! It is everywhere.

As a Christian I hear many who feel like we are losing the cultural war. “We are too far gone. It’s out of control. What can we do anyway?” My own 81 year old mom says frequently, “I didn’t say a word when they took prayer out of schools.” She regrets that today. She feels she should have stood her ground. But she didn’t. And we aren’t either.

We’ve got to take a stand. One person at a time. One issue at a time. While our professional politicians are making a mockery of our government, we must start to individualize what matters. (I actually called a politicians office today for the first time to voice my outrage over the pathetic leadership in our government). Because something has to matter! We can no linger sit idly by hoping someone else initiates change.

I’m angry. Please get angry too. We all need to see angry people out there making productive noise. Scream, shout, call, send letters. Just do ONE thing a day to take back our country. Do something because too many are doing nothing.

What makes you mad? Do something with that! Be silent no more! Be prompted to action. Today it is ESPN putting the mighty dollar over family values airing chat sites during Wimbledon. They should stick to sports.

There are so many other worthy examples. Don’t sit back. Stand up.

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