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Beth Townsend

On her own at 17 years old, right out of high school, Beth had no choice but to go to work. Starting as a property manager in Virginia, she climbed the corporate ladder and became a young executive working as VP of Operations for a Real Estate Company in Atlanta but she knew it could not stop there.

Life on Purpose, Author, Speaker!
Certified Purpose Coach
Author of 1 Book and contributor in 2 others

Beth's Story

Truth is the same for all times, for everybody everywhere!

 "Trust in the LORD with all your heart
And do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He will make your paths straight."



Beth was asked one question numerous times that changed the course of her her life. "How did you know your purpose?" In her twenties she had no clue her purpose! Realizing the depth of the question led her on a spiritual journey that continues today.



Since 2001, she has been interviewing "on purpose" people with the goal of learning how to share with others how to live a purpose-full life. From her book "Life on Purpose", she gleaned 9 "Purpose Principles" that she has found can help anyone learn to be led so they can effectively lead others.



Whether at work, in ministry or home, we all must set parameters on our life so we can do what God has called us to do with passion, while also realizing we were never called to "do it all." Purpose is a mindset where passion lives, faith thrives, and God's will is accomplished in the life of every Believer!

What do others say about Beth?

Random comments submitted at some of my speaking events:

“Thank you Beth for making making that leap of faith so personal and practical. I’m encouraged by your enthusiasm and willingness to trust the Lord as he guides your steps each day.”

“You cannot ask the Lord to order your steps and then question the steps. Good Word Beth, thank you for sharing your faith in this season of your life.”

“Thank you so much for exploring all the ways to approach the anxiety of situations that are beyond us and how He is there in it all.”

“Beth, your passion is obvious and I am grateful for your willingness to share in every/any way with our community.”

“Beth, thank you for challenging us and encouraging us to be the difference, to be the light. You communicated so clearly and it really resonated with me.”

“Thank you for the challenge of your words tonight. Thank you for committing to do things differently, and to reach out to people who are different from you. I’d like to do the same.”

“What a blessing! You truly pulled it together for us to really see we can make a difference!’ God will show us the way. Thank you for your transparency, it directed our thoughts in a certain way, a way that will be new and different.

“Beth thank you for your openness, your honesty, and your encouragement. Thank you for recognizing our purpose and sharing your passion for seeking the Lord and his call on our city. May we continue to seek out His will and shine His light wherever we go.”


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