Author David Baldacci

Seldom is the opportunity to peek inside the mind of one of the world’s most suspenseful authors.

David Baldacci has 19 bestselling novels. His latest, Deliver us from Evil is currently on the New York Time’s Bestsellers list. His writing is known to keep readers in suspense until the final page. “Each book is like my first, I’ll never assume I really know what I’m doing,” chuckled David as we discussed his phenomenal success.

His first breakthrough novel was Absolute Power, also made into a major motion picture starring Clint Eastwood and Gene Hackman, suddenly making Baldacci into a household name. Since then he has written an average of a book a year, remarkably all becoming bestsellers with over 100 million books in print.

“I started writing as a kid, but it was over 15 years later that I published my first book.

At the time I was a lawyer, not really writing to make money. I just loved to write and create characters,” Baldacci credits his success to a vivid imagination and innate curiosity, traits he considers that he embraced as a child who learned to love reading

and writing early in life.

His work requires careful research as his stories are always based in reality. “There is a lot of non-fiction in my fiction, I like to have a great foundation of facts. It offers a level of authenticity that makes you think about the book even after you are finished,” David responded. This leads to frequent travel, often leading to different continents or to an action packed day following alongside DC police officers.

On May 26, join Friends of Literacy at 7PM as they team with a local radio station to offer An Evening with David Baldacci. This is a ticketed event ($10) with doors opening at 6PM at the Clayton Center for the Arts located on the Maryville College Campus. “I’ll be sharing experiences from the road; there will be substance as well as humor.” He will also be signing books for ticket holders. Topics will also center on illiteracy, which is a passion of David’s.  “Reading books can lift people out of poverty; it helps people to achieve a better level of education.”

In a world of sound bytes and text messages, learn from a master of imagination and how to foster a love for reading to others. “Reading can change a life,” he said when sharing the importance of encouraging others to read.

You can participate in the evening by bringing new and used books that will be donated to food banks across the country. Feeding Body and Mind is a foundation founded by David and his wife Michelle that makes books available to those in need of life’s basic necessities.  For more information, log onto www.davidbaldacci.com. www.friendsofliteracy.com. www.feedingbodyandmind.com, www.b975.com. Friends of Literacy phone 865-594-3673.

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