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Because being in ministry is….


When I set out to publish a Christian magazine  2 1/2 years ago, I somehow thought it would be at least a little bit easy. Utilizing years of writing experience, a great mentor,  sound business  practices, and a lot of creative energy, it seemed the doors where flinging open.

I’m a fan of open doors. I practically run through them. At the same time, I show great respect to closed doors. Daily I ask God to open doors for me but never without also asking him to close, no slam those doors that need to be shut for my own protection.

I’ve learned some lessons that just may help others also in a ministry related job.

First, this is very uncomfortable! If God calls you to it, he will keep you on your knees. If it is of him, it will require HIM. So don’t think for a minute you can do it apart from utter dependance on Him.

Next, be great at what you do, it’s OK!  We are gifted to do His will. While many offer kudos and compliments about our work, I know God has enabled me to do this very thing. It’s him doing the work. I’m just along for the ride.

Finally, I’ve wanted to quit several times. I know the battles I’m facing are often to get me to give up and quit. And yes its pretty dang tempting. When your family comes under vicious attack, well enough said. When people are unabashedly unkind? Months that seem the math can’t possibly add up? When you keep thinking one day there will be time for tennis again and you realize you are only kidding  yourself? When the people you thought would provide encouraging support barely notice what you are doing?

At the same time, divine appointments will keep you going. Incredible people you don’t know will encourage you. God will show himself in unmistakable coincidences.  The math will add up in the nick of time because someone was obedient to the nudging of the Holy Spirit. As pieces of your family are falling apart, God shows you with a real but faint vision that it is really Him putting it back together again as He sees fit. Incredible and talented people with  your same vision will come along beside you and share in your work.

Yesterday I was literally jogging and shouting Scriptures. OK more like I was singing along praise and worship music but very loud.  (Sorry neighbors it was a battle cry) Yet it helped! That followed by a most unexpected divine appointment mid-jog was just what I needed. God heard me. He sent someone. Thank you my friend, thank you for stopping.

Back to work I go. Thankful I get to do what I do. Praising Him for every weak moment for they are many. Yet He shows up every time, in the nick of time.

Because being in ministry is…… uncomfortable.

All so we find real comfort from the real Comforter!

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