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Last week I met a bully……

The Art of Skilled Communication and Discernment….. Last week I met a bully.  He spent weeks accusing me of lack of integrity and character and threatening to sue me numerous times.  At 54 years of age, I’ve had vast business experience. I’ve managed millions of dollars in budgets, overseeing people and properties and meeting the… Continue reading Last week I met a bully……

christian faith, communication, discernment, discipline

Are you a door or a door mat?

Serving Others…. Are you a door or a doormat? The truth is, it made me mad. Here I was in church, looking to be encouraged by the sermon. As the worship ended, our pastor stood up and made a statement I’ll never forget. You could have heard a pin drop in the huge auditorium. “Do… Continue reading Are you a door or a door mat?