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New in November, Un-thanksgiving!

Before long, you will notice that many will be posting and sharing things they are thankful for. It's always fun and inspiring to learn what others are doing to improve habits and attitudes. For me, it's about what I'm not thankful for. As in, bad habits I need to change.  The opportunity to change and… Continue reading New in November, Un-thanksgiving!

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Epic fail….boy did I ever miss my target!

  Eleven times!  Thus far this YEAR! That is the actual amount of times I went to the YMCA near my neighborhood.  My goal was 3 times a week starting in January. That makes me hundreds short of my goal. I knew it was bad, but I had no idea I was that far off.… Continue reading Epic fail….boy did I ever miss my target!

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Mastering the moment in minutes…

  It only takes one. All too often, we think we have to have it all figured out. Our life planner ready, goals written in ink, with a busy calendar to match. While that can be good, we master the moments in minutes. How? By being present IN the moment. Being kind to someone. Smiling.… Continue reading Mastering the moment in minutes…

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Please and thank you, for all the wrong reasons! Adult only though.

It did seem weird.  I'll admit. It was a big wave of the sincerest gratitude. I could see that he saw me by the way he went to the other side of the road and went much slower as I jogged by. The gray pickup truck was the big kind with a huge tool chest… Continue reading Please and thank you, for all the wrong reasons! Adult only though.

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That fine line….

😇Over the years, I've met some amazing folks. Having interviewed people for years, often I think back to specific memories of one-liners that have shaped who I've become as a writer and speaker. John Croyle is a man with a magnetic personality. Having been very successful playing football at the University of Alabama, he also opened… Continue reading That fine line….

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Because being in ministry is….

Uncomfortable! When I set out to publish a Christian magazine  2 1/2 years ago, I somehow thought it would be at least a little bit easy. Utilizing years of writing experience, a great mentor,  sound business  practices, and a lot of creative energy, it seemed the doors where flinging open. I'm a fan of open… Continue reading Because being in ministry is….

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If? Not if. Definitely not.

Thought for the day. What would happen if we really believed this? How would our thoughts and actions change? They would change radically!  God is for us. God is for YOU. He is in our corner….our guide, advocate, Father, and  helper. Picture Him with you. Because He is! The more you practice His presence, the more… Continue reading If? Not if. Definitely not.