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Created for Creativity. Are you?

cropped-life-logo.pngWow! Today I attended the second of a Beth Moore Bible study called Breath. It’s about the Holy Spirit. Today’s lesson was on creativity and it was amazing. While I can relate to Beth when it comes to country accents (and overcoming life challenges) I can do her teaching no justice. But to not share a few pointers would seem a little sacrilegious.

What if we were infused with creativity from God? We are! That is how we are to live. That is how we become powerfully anointed to live a life of purpose. In the fullness of HIS creativity. We can be off the charts! We should be off the charts.

Believe these things, change your life.

  1. We are already profoundly creative in what we are created to do.
  2. The Creative Force of the Holy Spirit is part of who we are.
  3. Life without creativity is a life of monotony. Are you bored?
  4. Other people are part of your calling. Strategic people are necessary to fulfill your purpose. You can’t do it alone.
  5. A work of the spirit rarely requires no work from us.  Exert the strength and energy. Then take time to rest and be disciplined. Work 6/7, rest 1/7. You will be energized!
  6. Not one person can do for us what the Holy Spirit can.
  7. His Spirit moves and hovers. Ask Him to freely move you to action and hover close.
  8. Creativity does not dissipate with age. Old people can do fresh works. Look at Moses.
  9. This is about anointing. You are anointed and appointed. Step out and trust.
  10. Pray daily. “Skill me, fill me. Creativity beyond the norm.” Then receive it and go.

If every Christian lived their calling like this, we would not be able to avoid winning the world for Christ. Because we would be infectious creative people out doing our thing and being great at what we do all while having a great time.

What would happen if we gave God our dreams and imaginations? There is only one way to find out!

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