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Dear Christian, this is NOT how to win the world…..

Few things make me angrier than when someone in the Body of Christ “falls” or sins and other Christians begin to attack.

I’ve seen it numerous times but recently I could not contain my frustration.

Seems someone somewhere had determined Beth Moore was no longer fit to be amongst their options for Bible study authors in their church. In this case her books and studies had been swiftly removed from all inventory and would no longer be an acceptable option.

Really? She has the entire Life Way community holding her accountable! Seems the author of the article I read had done extensive research and deemed many of her revelations or comments as Biblically inaccurate.

When did perfection get to be a standard?  My job as a writer and speaker is to share one story at a time that points others to hope in Christ. When I read these types of reports, I can only imagine how non-Christians view such statements. “Why be a Christian if they spend so much time condemning one another?” Truly, if you have a point to make and disagree with someone, do you have to make a public statement of official condemnation?

A few weeks ago Mega Pastor Andy Stanley made a comment about why larger churches were “better.” Having attended North Point Community Church for several years, I know this man is very careful about every word that comes out of his mouth. Yet he makes one statement some find offensive, someone blasts it on a blog or twitter feed, and then he is forced to spend hours crafting the right words to apologize and satisfy his critics, most often other Christians!

Believers are supposed to encourage one another! While I agree that we are to carefully guard our hearts and be careful of what we are offering others by way of teaching, we will never “win the world” by attacking one another’s mistakes.

We are in a war for the souls of people for eternity! How we reach others and share our message determines our reach. It’s no secret Christianity is on the decline, therefore it’s on all of us to see how to be more effective collectively.

Our cause is to bring unity and light into a dark world, not offer more evidence of wide spread division.  Perhaps that is why there are approximately 66 verses in the Bible about unity in the Body.  We have got to find ways to come together instead tearing ourselves apart.

Everyone I know is imperfect and in need of wisdom. I’m a Christian who sins and needs others to hold me accountable. When I’m wrong, I have people in my life who will quickly tell me so that I can stand corrected. I’ve got more to learn that I’ll ever grasp and it’s my job to grow in my faith everyday and repent daily.

I believe in the power of One. Your story matters as does mine as well as that of every other Believer.  We are called to share the Hope to which we are called. 1st Peter 3:15 says it best. “But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.”

My hope is in Christ. “Lord bring your Body together as One. Rise up an overwhelming desire for unity,  love and acceptance for one another.  We trust your spirit to correct us and lead us to others who can help us be accountable to your Word.  Give us courage to share our stories and bring You glory. In the name of Jesus we join as One.”








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