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How to turn “Dust to Diamonds!” Stay tuned!

Recently I spoke at a women’s event. We had a lot of fun while discussing how to turn Dust To Diamonds: Stay tuned for some fun discussions that lead to a meaningful impact on your faith walk.

  • D-Devotion. To what are you truly devoted?
  • U-Unity, Being One with God and one with others.
  • S-Surrender, Learning how to truly surrender to God, which leads to….
  • T-Trust. You must know God to trust God….

What did others think about our topic?

“Beth, you are so fun! I loved the dust to diamonds analogies being played out in your props. Thank you for the reminder that we can be made beautiful.”

“Beth, thank you for sharing. God really showed up! Love the object lesson and the acronym DUST. God used you to speak to me!”

“Beth, thank you for sharing the process of changing “dust to diamonds!”

“Beth, the DUST and the teaching you blessed me with will stick with me, especially the clay creations you showed and me thinking about my heavenly Daddy being so pleased with me as his masterpiece. Thankful for you and him in you.”

“Beth, Thank you for a convicting message about turning dust into diamonds! I felt convicted and stretched.”

“Your talk on Dust to Diamonds really spoke to me. Thank you for taking time to share with us. So grateful! “

Beth, Loved your sharing ab out DUST. Powerful! Excellent Scriptures. Thank you for your ministry.”

We will answer each point in upcoming blogs/vlogs! Thank you so much for reading.

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