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I-contact or eye contact?

Becoming a grandmother has been an amazing journey. Our sweet Nessa is adorable, sweet, and from her I’m learning so much. Watching her mom and dad learn the joy of being parents is fun to watch. She changes so much everyday!

She is almost 4 months old. Within the first few weeks I noticed something amazing. If you lock eyes with her, she won’t look away until you do. While you are looking into her beautiful blues, she is completely engaged in what you are saying to her and filled with joy and happiness. It is almost like the eyes are having their own level of connection, deeper than the words and baby talk.

This is such a reminder of what happens in relationships. We all long for real connections and intimate conversation. We want others to take in interest in what we are saying. A huge part of that is body language and eye contact. When in the middle of a conversation with someone and they look away,  it often seems they’ve lost interest. I can tell  you that if you look away from Nessa, she does not like it. Nor do those you are talking with. Especially children.

Eye contact indicates confidence, commitment and authentic interest in others. As does body language. Over 65% of all communication is through body language.  Which means the words are less important than how you pay attention and listen.


This week, pay special attention to your body language and eye contact. It will require discipline and commitment. Don’t be fooled into thinking I-contact is effective. Screens are great for exchange of information, but are quite destructive when not used properly in navigating relationships.

Eye-contact vs. I-contact. Which do you prefer?


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