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If words have power, then put them to work!

Today my word is filled. It comes from the promises of Ephesians 1. If I lose sight of my goals for today, I’ll recall that I’m filled to the measure of the fullness of God. It’s an easy word that brings me back to my “goals” for today.

Words are simple. Just pick one and use it all day. Find one that is based in something with depth. The Bible. Your past or your present. Your future. Your Hopes and dreams.

Words are powerful. While seemingly small, they are vast and open up the world of possibilities.  Just think….. Brave. Faithful. Fearless. Powerful. Healed. Whole. Loved, Accepted. Intentional. Radical.

Frame your thinking within the boundaries of words you choose. They provide a quick escape from old thinking and negative traps. Its like a quick link to your new identity, one word at a time.

My overall word for this year is Joy. Because last year had many challenges!  More on the later, but each day I’ll call upon that word to hold me accountable to how I respond to others as well as circumstances. It gets us strategically thinking towards measurable growth and a simple way to bring about new ways of thinking.

What is your word of the day? Of the month, of the year?…


1 thought on “If words have power, then put them to work!”

  1. Beth,

    I like the word awesome. It means extremely impressive or inspiring. Awesome is a perfect word for people of faith! That being the case, though, I think it is used too often today, almost so often that its frequent (trendy, really) use causes its meaning to get lost. It reminds me of the word awful, another favorite of mine, and another word so frequently used that its meaning is lost. (It is most often used to mean terrible, however it really means “full of awe.”)

    Lee McKinzie

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