Purpose Principle

Is pain part of purpose?

Hello everyone. It’s time for a purpose principal and I have a question for you and a tough question – Is pain for a purpose? In the 20-plus years, I’ve done interviewing people about their life’s purpose. Not one of them escaped personal pain. As a matter of fact pain became part of their purpose sometimes compassion leads to Passion this morning. I was on a call a zoom call with a small group of friends. We’re in a discipleship group together and everyone expressed some amount of personal pain that is affecting their ability to Faithful right now and pain sometimes has a name and sometimes we need to be able to express that pain of the people that had a rough week. And I was able to share with them some of the things that it really caused me to not be able to sleep to have my stomach acting up and Just being able to share that with someone and sometimes part of purpose. So as we’re going through a pandemic and we’re facing the grief of some of what we’ve seen and experienced pain always has a name and it’s very important that we’re able to speak with people that are in our small groups about that that pain. So, is pain part of purpose? Unfortunately, I think that it is 

In all my years of interviewing it seems like some of what we’ve learned and some of the hardest lessons are in the valley and the pit of pain so pain has a name and the way to use that pain as part of our purpose is to to give it a voice to say what it is. What is hurting you what is causing you pain? Don’t be afraid of it. Speak it. Talk to people about it. Pray to the Lord about it. Let that purpose that pain becomes a purpose because God is at work in all of our hearts. We always use our pain. They look at the pain of Jesus his pain saves us. So this purpose part of pain. Yes, give your pain a name so that you can allow it to become part of your purpose. That’s what gives it meaning learn from it Grow from it. Don’t ever go back to normal, but let that turn into purpose for you. 

Great day everybody.

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