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Last week I met a bully……

The Art of Skilled Communication and Discernment…..

Last week I met a bully. 

He spent weeks accusing me of lack of integrity and character and threatening to sue me numerous times. 

At 54 years of age, I’ve had vast business experience. I’ve managed millions of dollars in budgets, overseeing people and properties and meeting the demands of investors. After climbing the corporate ladder, I’d say I’ve experienced success in varying degrees. There has also been failure, where I’ve had to reboot,  restart and redirect.  Each year offered it’s own unique opportunity for personal growth for which I’m thankful. 

I’ve been in ministry in some capacity for decades. As a speaker and writer, I’ve traveled the country and met some amazing people. Athletes, politicians, entertainers and ordinary folks have sat down with me and changed my life. They’ve coached me, taught me, and encouraged me. Each and every Divine appointment seemed a mission from God to soften and change my heart. 

Thank you Lord for kind people who give of themselves the best they have to offer. Their time, talents, and experience, asking nothing in return. 

It is easy to bully someone via a computer. Such was the case in this matter. To settle our matter professionally, I requested a face to face meeting. Since he was demanding money, he relented with the promise of payment since otherwise I’d have to have hired an attorney.

His demeanor changed when we finally met. Suddenly kindness and remorse.  He apologized for the “ugliness” and out of obedience to my Lord and His word I accepted his seemingly forced and uncomfortable apology. (That does not mean I’d choose to do business with him….)

Please. Don’t be a bully. Don’t say in and email what you won’t say to someones face. Don’t demand money or threaten a law suit. That is cowardice. 

In the big picture scheme of things, we are here to help and encourage one another. Not attempt to tear one another apart. 

Differences can be resolved with skilled communication and discernment. 

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