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Even the God-given gift of leadership can’t stop many born-leaders from heading full-speed in the wrong direction— usually being blindly followed by others. Years ago, one simple question changed Beth Townsend’s life. As she quickly climbed the corporate ladder to an executive position people kept asking: “How did you know your purpose?” She didn’t. Answering it took her on a journey for two decades, interviewing prominent athletes, political leaders, entertainers, humanitarians, philanthropists, and authors. But there were also many ordinary folks who were changing the world in near anonymity. The journey was life-altering, with an underlying lesson that ensures going in the right direction—you must be led before you can lead. Life on Purpose is about the principles gleaned from those Godly-people passionately pursuing theirs.

We are excited to announce our new television series, Life on Purpose TV! Our first season is filmed in Louisiana. Lord willing, and with your support, we hope to film in every state in the union!

Our show is aired on and their various platforms, we are so excited to partner with Pureflix! Stay tuned for amazing stories of people living their ‘Life on Purpose!

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We would like to thank John Folse and White Oak Estate & Gardens for providing our filming location for Season One. Also, we would like to acknowledge I-Catcher’s Hair & Body Spa for providing a stylist.

If you have great story ideas, reach out to our host Beth Townsend via the Contact Us. We want to hear from you! What is God doing in your life?

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