Life on Purpose TV, with Brian Sleeth

Once a homeless pastor, he now ministers to the homeless. Through The Purple Cow Thrift Store and Christian Outreach Center, Brain is changing the world, one story at a time. He is living his life on purpose!

Friends! Please help spread the word! This is our first segment of our pilot episode of “Life on Purpose!” We are so excited to get to share with you. Our goal is simple, change the world, one story at a time! We will post another tomorrow and then again on Thursday. Stay tuned! Meet Brian Sleeth of The Purple Cow and Christian Outreach Center of Baton Rouge. How does a formerly homeless pastor become a pastor to the homeless? By living his life on purpose! Producer Fred Townsend, Host Beth Goss Townsend and Director Rachel Boster of Infinity Designs#testify#Testimony #onestoryatatime #one #thepowerofone #jesus #Purpose#passion #lifeonpurpose #tvpilot #television #newshow #