March Gladness

The cold winter has ushered in many wishes for spring. Seems daily I hear others shout, “I’m ready for spring!” No doubt for most it’s a welcome time of year as the sun begins to shine brighter and the ground starts to thaw.

Seems with the arrival of spring comes the opportunity to expect major change. Things in just a few weeks will be drastically different than they are now, as growth will take over and new life will aggressively take over. There is no better time to align our personal growth with the changing season.

Start with spring cleaning: Get rid of the weeds! We all procrastinate, but now is a great time to get rid of everything you have moved from to-do list to to-do list. Make the effort to clean out what does not belong in your future, by getting it finally completed and moving forward with a fresh mind. Get it done, get it all done, so that you can look forward with ease.

Time to prune: Pruning can seem like we are stunting growth, but it is actually what will spike growth more than anything else. Where do you need to cut back? Take a look at what robs your productivity and eliminate it altogether. Is it browsing the internet, Facebook time, or simply being busy with out being productive? Be one of the top performers in your company by cutting back in areas that steal your potential.

Create new things: After weeding and pruning, we prepare to plant new things. What new things are you planting?  Are you expanding your creativity?  How about a new way to market your product? Some new contest to motivate employees? It could be good to compare your business practices to that of your competitors to make sure you are setting yourself apart. Empowering environments don’t just happen, they are created.  Take time to create new exciting environments where others can be their best while being challenged every day.

Recognizing problems:  It would be great if once we have weeded, pruned, and planted, our work ended. But that is when the hard work begins. Don’t pretend problems don’t exist, they always will. Don’t allow them to kill your business by sweeping them under the rug where they will grow and fester and quietly take over.  Lasting growth happens when problems are identified readily, and a plan to overcome them is identified.

What are you doing to grow? Personal growth has to be intentional. Like manning a garden, we must take specific steps in order to burst into a new season. We must identify the weeds and pull them. We should cut back what is stunting our own personal growth, while creativity is fertilized and set free. Deep growth comes when we face problems head on ready to tackle them with solutions.

Personally, I am excited about spring. It is a time of renewal, outside and in. Do you want to grow? Kick off a new season of March gladness, and let a new you spring forth!

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