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Mastering the moment in minutes…



It only takes one.

All too often, we think we have to have it all figured out. Our life planner ready, goals written in ink, with a busy calendar to match. While that can be good, we master the moments in minutes.

How? By being present IN the moment. Being kind to someone. Smiling. Making a decision that requires faith.  Giving up one bad habit. Forgiving someone without expecting anything. Working out. Great eye contact. A pep in your step. Believing in your dreams. Playing in the floor with your children. Choosing not to complain. Dressing like a boss. Confessing that sin, finally.  Returning a call. Answering an email or text. Telling someone how awesome they are. Organizing your desk. Honoring your spouse. Serving someone selflessly. Saving instead of spending. Faith over fear. Positive instead of negative. Choosing to live like little things lead to big things,  because they do. Quickly.

It only takes one decision to change your life.  While it’s great to have plans and work the plans, we master most moments in minutes.



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