Multi Media Mania

When I was a child, we didn’t have to dial the area code or the prefix of a telephone number to make a call. We memorized everyone’s number. They were short and most people had only one to remember. Our number was 4471, so simple I still recall it today.


Recently I watched a video of technology predicted in the future. There were life sized touch screens on walls, built into desks, mirrors and countertops and most tasks were accomplished by the simple touch of one button. Apparently we ain’t seen nothin’ yet!  The days of simple have come and gone, and they are not coming back.


Technology has radically changed how we do business. One common trend is the constancy of communication. Cell phones ring no matter where we are or what time it is, computers alert us to new messages, and we have entire conversations without ever speaking to the other person.


Even though such changes can accelerate productivity, we must not lose sight of what truly makes the world go round: relationships; at work, at home, and in every day life. Nothing truly impacts our outlook quite like key relationships.


At work, new technology apps may make the sales process easier, but the sale still has to be made, closed, and finalized. Customers still need great service if you hope to retain them over time, and they must know they are important to your business. Often new federal laws require companies to rethink how they do business altogether, causing massive change in everyday decisions which affect everyone requiring a team effort.


Technology is not the only thing that has changed. So has the climate and culture of nearly everything. There is little we can do about the global-economy. However, we must never lose sight of what truly drives success. In order to embrace changing times, we must not lose sight of the most important gadget of all, a tool we cannot succeed without, one we must nurture daily. People.


People were created to be in relationship with others. No matter what your day to day life looks like, it involves people. Sales and business are built on trust and commitment. People eagerly follow leaders who care about others. People want to come home to people who are glad to see them. People.


We may think we are driven by the bottom line, but true success and happiness hinges on relationships. How each day starts and ends can often be traced back to how we treated and were treated by others. That is one simple truth that can never be replaced by any thing that gets plugged into an outlet or receives a wireless signal.


This multi media mania is likely to continue! It’s good to enjoy all the benefits and be fascinated by the capacities of new products. However, just remember that with all of them, there is an off button! People will always be more important than things!

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