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New in November, Un-thanksgiving!

Before long, you will notice that many will be posting and sharing things they are thankful for. It’s always fun and inspiring to learn what others are doing to improve habits and attitudes.

For me, it’s about what I’m not thankful for. As in, bad habits I need to change.  The opportunity to change and grow is something I’m most thankful for. It’s a great season to inventory those nagging things that could change my outlook on everything.

Today, it’s about keeping my desk clean. Do you realize how a messy desk can clutter your mind? It may seem trivial, but on Monday when I cleaned it completely, it caused my creativity to soar. I love my clean  desk, I like to just look at it! So that is a bad habit I’m giving up. Each morning, if I spend 5 minutes putting away paper ONE time, then I believe my new habit will become permanent. I’m going to do that each day in November to see how the change affects my attitude towards productivity.

It’s one decision at a time that truly counts. You don’t just become a disciplined person, you do things that require discipline.

What are you un-thankful for? Do something about it. Today. 

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