Old: out. New: in.

Out with the Old, In with the New

As I write I sit beside my mom in a hospital in MS where she recovers from a knee replacement. During the process we as her family have been kept informed of her progress. From surgery her nurse called to inform us that the old knee was out, and the new knee was being built and positioned. From then we adopted the phrase. “Out with the old, in with the new!” Though she will have to work hard towards recovery, it’s a success story in progress.

As we begin this New Year, many will reflect upon success and accomplishment, while

at the same time evaluating what things we aspire to achieve. New Years Resolutions are good, but without the proper mindset they will likely pass with the days ahead bringing disappointment.  Goals are only as good as the foundation from which they are built. To be successful, start by making sure you have a foundation that is strong.

Begin with an attitude check. If your attitude is not right, change is just an empty myth. Goals must be followed by commitment and action, which leads to tangible decisions that determine change and new direction.  Your attitude toward your goal is the foundation that will determine success. Choose to believe in great things for your new year, and soon you will make more confident decisions that lead in that direction. The attitude must come before the goal.

Then listen to the words you speak. If you say you have a good attitude but then speak negative words, you might as well stay home! Once you’ve laid the foundation of a good attitude, you must choose words that align with that change. “I am making changes this year, I’m so excited about the new things I am doing!” “I am going to quit complaining about my job and start making a positive difference.” Words pave the way for what is to come, they are often the forerunner of what will happen. Words are powerful not only when spoken to encourage others, but also in starting to establish new mindsets for ourselves. Words spoken in an expectant attitude are the birth of new things to come.

No doubt a new year is a time to set new goals.  Making sure we are building our hopes on a solid foundation first, we are more likely to achieve the goals that give hope to our resolutions. What brings about success is the ability to believe confidently in what we want. Without a strong belief in what we hope for and the confidence to speak words that pave the way, we start with a foundation that is shaky and inconsistent.

Out with the old, and in with the new!  New Years Resolutions? Yes! But make them by making sure they are built on a foundation that makes the success story in progress. Make sure your goals are in order. Attitude first, confident words next, then watch as your resolutions become revelations this year!

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