Pajamas… What not to wear! According to author/speaker Florence Littauer. Today’s pick of the day.

“Can you believe how people come to breakfast?” Just as I was trying to decide when to introduce myself to her, she turned and spoke to me. From the table next to mine you couldn’t help but notice her. She was dressed like a million bucks. Shoes, make up, bling and more bling, and the authoritative persona to match.

She was the primary reason for the conference I was attending. Meeting her would prove to be a defining moment early in my career. Florence Littauer had earned her reputation as a top requested speaker and best selling author. Part of who she was was the image she deemed so important in teaching others how to achieve success.

Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m not saying you shouldn’t wear pajamas to breakfast. While I don’t recommend it, I’ll admit to replaying that phrase more than once over the years. Her professionalism set a standard for me that day and is a constant reminder to dress like I’m prepared for something great to happen on any given day.

Our world is becoming increasingly casual and often downright sloppy. While it may be socially acceptable to wear pajamas to breakfast, don’t sell yourself short. Be your best you, confidently prepared for opportunity to come your way. After all, you never know who you might meet at breakfast.

Pajamas? What not to wear. Today’s pick of the day.

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