Panic! The Sin of Compari-SIN. How to compete instead of compare. Today’s pick of the day.


Phew!  Glad they were gone! Seemed a flurry of spunky joggers had me on my toes. Not wanting to let them see my tiring, I put on my game face. Even my posture was straighter and I mustered a chirpy hello as they passed. That is until they were out of sight. Finally, my tired almost-at-the-end-of-my-jog face reappeared. Slowing down, I took a needed breather. 

Why do we pay so much attention to what others are doing? We will never be equal to anyone. There will always be differences.  Richer. Poorer. Prettier. Younger. Older. More successful.  Skinnier. Plumper. Happier. Why would my jog be affected by other joggers? Compari-sin. That ugly beast. 

Back in my traveling seminar days, one of my popular topics was Positive Stress. People attended in droves just to hear how to turn a negative – stress, into a positive. It was about how to compete productively without comparing destructively. Competition-good. Comparison-bad. Once your motives become about others, you lose. 

Compari-SIN. It’s the Do Not Covet part of the Ten Commandments.  Instead of just doing my thing, why is my tendency to compare how my thing compares to their thing?  Houses, cars, jobs, accomplishments, money, kids, spouses. Even faith! You name it, we compare it.  Thus, we are always trying to measure up and feeling worthless when we don’t. 

Competition is necessary. We have to work hard to get ahead. But we must know where we are going, why we are going there, and have a plan reach that destination.  Your means of measurement are your achievements, for the things you hope to accomplish.  That alone is appropriate pressure. Add to that the subconscious awareness of others and we are sunk into a pit of panic, constantly comparing ourselves to others. 

Stress can be good, embrace it. Evaluate your actions to determine if they are competitive or comparative. Simply being mindful of your motivations while being honest with yourself will help you become more intentional. 

Competition is part of life. Comparison is a form of death. It kills our confidence of Godly purpose, personal value, and keeps us focused on others accomplishments instead of our own. 

What motivates you? Do you compete or compare? It’s a great question. Today’s pick of the day. 







4 thoughts on “Panic! The Sin of Compari-SIN. How to compete instead of compare. Today’s pick of the day.”

  1. Beth,

    Thinking about your words, and keeping my eyes on the Lord. Thank you for your insight! In Him, Kris Ann

  2. “Search me oh God and know my heart: Try me and know my thoughts;” ASV From your post , it sounds like our journeys had some similarities. When there is a lot of dysfunction in our family of origin, the net effect on some of us is we are clueless as to what “normal looks like.this was certainly true in my case. In my twenties, married with children, I can remember thinking what would a normal Christmas look like? I had no idea! Holidays were sometimes over the top! One of the good things about pain is it can tenderize the heart and allow us to feel Gods’ wooing. Such was the case in my life. At the same time, for many years, my mantra would have been, “I think I’ve danced one dance too many.”..but yes I kept on dancing to a rythem and pace of my own imagination trying to define NORMAL, Thanks be to God, now I mostly spectate…it took a lot of living for me to love to sit one out!

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