Parenting. Dang! I got duped as a parent. Don’t do as I did. Today’s pick of the day.

My children are very special…. to me, to my husband and to God.

Our motives were pure, to convince our sweet children that they were the most special people on earth. Experts said to shower them in attention, making them top priority. Seemed good advice.

As parents, we adore them both. We’ve had peeks and valleys. Done some right things and some wrong. Currently they are teens, therefore important decisions await in the not so distant future. College? Careers? Spouses? Children? Jobs? Much will be decided as they transition into adulthood.

As a Christian, a few years back I realized I’d been duped.  Desiring to be a great mom, I read the trendy books and listened to the popular experts.  As a result, I became inconsistent because too many voices were speaking into my routines.

Consistency is what children need, and inconsistency is what most parents become. There are simply too many voices telling us how to be better parents. Later I was reminded the Bible should be the dominant authority on raising my sweet babies. It did not say make them the center of your world. Or to give them a better childhood than I had. Or to spoil them and give them everything they want. Actually, it does not say much, but what it does say is very consistent.

In summary? It says to diligently instruct them, prepare them, discipline them, and teach them Scriptures and bind them around their necks. Wow.

Their value to the world will become their influence in it. Their work ethic, their ability to work through conflict, and their choices will become their futures. My goal as a mom is to love them yes, but to teach them and send them out as mature adults. Not as pampered children.

My prayer is that they would learn the power of personal choice, to serve humbly, and love extravagantly every day. To value and respect themselves vigorously so others will do the same.  To fear God, and to make a difference because they are different. Oh Lord please let it be.

Parenting is tough when too many voices speak into our lives. Don’t get duped like I did. Keep it simple and keep it consistent. Today’s pick of the day.



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