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Parenting! It’s never predictable and sometimes…?!?! Today’s pick of the day.


Ironically the plan was to watch Mom’s Night Out. I’d heard it was a funny movie and it was a good day for funny.  I’d picked up dinner, sprawled out on the sofa, and after a deep sigh of relief, sank.  Curling up on the couch I nestled in. All alone. No one home. Me, myself and I.

Now I don’t recall how or why I ended up home alone on a Friday night. For me it was Mom’s night in. Readily I admit my enthusiasm.

After dinner I started the movie. It was funny and had my attention from the start.  Right about the time I was good and cozy, my daughter came waltzing in. Her plans had fallen apart. “Hi mom!” She smiled. “Can you make me eggs, yours are the best?” Suddenly I’m back in the kitchen. She ate, we visited, then she disappeared into her room. Back to the movie. Back to my couch.

In a few minutes to my surprise the alarm dinger dinged as the door flung open. Deep voices. This time boys. Several of them. Hungry teenage boys. “Mom, do we have any food?” We all scavenged the kitchen for food suitable for the various appetites lingering. They were loud, a bit smelly, and hard to fill up. After a while they left. “Thanks Mom, see you later.”

Back to my movie, back to my couch. Hitting resume for the third time, I nestled in again. OK. Relax. About five minutes into my third resume, my cell phone rang with my husband’s ring tone. He was away working a promotion for his company and called when he could. He updated me on his day, I updated him on mine, and after a few minutes we said goodnight. Resume number four.

By then I was tired. Determined to finish my movie, I yawned my way to the end. It was funny. But more than that, oh so ironic. My movie night was a lot like their mom’s night out. It did not turn out as planned.

Smiling, I said a prayer of thanksgiving. The kind that makes tears well up in your eyes. My quiet night turned into revolving doors and dirty shoes scattered by the front door. While my movie took over four hours, each one was glorious. Every untimely interruption a cause to count my blessings.

Parenting is never predictable. Sometimes it’s just the opposite.  Thank God. Today’s pick of the day.

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