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Pass? No way. The Divine appointments that have never happened. Today’s pick of the day.


It was a busy day at the eye doctors office. People were sitting in just about every chair in the waiting room. Used to be at least some consolation for having to wait for professionals. Divine appointments. The many people I’ve met in waiting rooms.

One year when waiting on a doctor, I met an older lady whom to this day I believe was an angel sent by God. Because I was so afraid on the day of my appointment, it’s like this woman walked in and sat by me for me. She had piercing blue eyes and was filled with radiance. When our eyes met we talked until I was called back.  Comfort oozed all over me just because she was with me. “Would it be un-cool to ask her to come back with me?” I thought. I didn’t, but the peace she brought seemed so Divine it lingered over the rest of my day.

Not so in the eye doctors office that day. Not one spontaneous conversation while I was there. People were glued to their phones. The adorable single girl never noticed the handsome young man who was not wearing a wedding band.  He didn’t notice her either. “They look like a match!” I wanted to scream. We will never know. Others discounted the plethora of activity, all sucked into the phantom life in their phones. No fun. No laughing. No impromptu conversations. No Divine Appointments. 

Don’t get me wrong. I love my phone and can be just as disengaged. Shame on me. My loss! There is no telling what I might have missed in those precious opportunities that could have been Heavenly game changers.

I get it. Beep. Buzz. Vibrations. Rings. Tones. Chirping birds and singing witches. Social media never sleeps. The message alerts are constant. But if we are going to ask God to intervene, shouldn’t we be expecting Divine intervention? Isn’t His help most often delivered by His people? Jesus Himself made room for interruptions for many people.

In my life I can’t afford to miss any opportunities God may send my way, for those are the ones that bear Fruit!  Left alone, I cannot do what He has called me to do. Without the people He brings into my life, I’m hopeless, aimless, and utterly aware of my own limitations.

Pass? No way. I do not want to miss ladies in waiting rooms.  People come into your life for a reason. They matter. You matter.  Don’t let Divine Appointments pass. If they are not happening, it’s because you are missing them. Today’s pick of the day.

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