Passion, how to have more of it and live like you mean it. Today’s pick of the day.


Recently, I was fascinated to learn that music is one of the only ways to utilize the full activity of your brain. It permeates all of it, left brain, right brain, and everything in between.

Last week we went to the beach. My husband and I took our sixteen year old son and four of his friends. Not surprisingly, we did not see much of the young men. Therefore, we had some quiet time to rest, relax and rejuvenate. The weather was beautiful, sunny, and warm. It was a great time to be outside and feel the full affect of the warmer months ushering in.

My interest in music is all over the place. Having two teenagers, my spectrum is broad. On my I-pod you will find country, pop, tons of 80’s (my oldies), and lots of worship music. One afternoon while laying by the pool, I turned on my 80’s love songs play list. Journey, Air Supply, REO Speedwagon, and the likes. My toes got to moving and it was like lip sync karaoke on a Friday night. At least I was quiet.

This took me on a trip down memory lane. For my Christian friends, don’t judge here. Just humor me briefly. When I was young, my single mom who raised five kids virtually alone would blare music. She enjoyed doing things around the house with the noise as we  sang along. I recall many favorites. Bread, Neil Diamond, and a few others. One in particular became a favorite for me. Meatloaf. Yes, I said it, Meatloaf. While I didn’t understand the meaning behind most of his lyrics, he meant what he sang and I loved that about him. He put all he had into every word and each song was a dramatic story. Something about him grabbed my interest in such a way that I can still remember those days vividly. All these years later, I’ve begun to understand why he became my favorite.

Passion. If he sang it, he meant it. Some how I knew that if I ever did anything in life, I wanted to do it like he sang. Giving it everything. Leaving it all in that moment. We weren’t really Christians at the time, and we didn’t have worship music. So we sang along, enjoyed the music, and apparently used our whole brain doing it. Good thing there were no camera phones during that time.

Today, my music preferences have changed. The good old 80’s will always be a favorite, I’m still the worlds biggest Meatloaf fan. But my understanding of passion has forever been marked by realizing the power of music.

We need passion. To be moved by things so powerful that our whole being is touched. Now as a Christian, I understand my connection with that music so long ago. It was passion.  I wanted it–I needed it and in my life I was going to pursue it with a vengeance. To do something with such purpose that I left nothing on the table.

Thankfully, as I’ve grown and matured, the purposes of God have become my passion. Loving others, serving people, worshipping Him, seeking His life above my own, and Trusting Him as the author and perfecter of my purpose. He holds my life in His hands, and walking in that assurance has given my life the passion my soul lives for.

Do you have passion? Sure you do. Unleash it, pursue it, and while your at it, turn on some music and let your toes get to moving.

Passion. How to have more of it and live like you mean it. Today’s Pick of the Day.




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