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Passion! How to simplify your life’s purpose with one question. Today’s pick of the day.


Really. It all boils down to one huge question. Goals, resolutions, priorities. They are buzz words to enable others to become more productive. Sure, that can be good. But productive? Is that what we really want?

Some days I’m very productive. I can get a lot done. My list gets checked off and for a brief moment, I’m caught up. Until I remember I forgot something. Oh yeah. Truth is we will never be caught up. There is always more to do. That is the nature of our days, and work, and home, and all the extra stuff that is necessary to do life.

The one question that defines life for us is this. What burns in your soul? What keeps you up at night? What breaks your heart? In the answers to those questions lies your passion. We can look at our deepest compassions to determine what is truly our passion. It’s how your hurts become your healing. We use them to help others.

One of my passions is purpose. Because as a Christian I know that if more Christians were happy we would win the world a whole lot easier. Yet many are living unfulfilled lives because their days lack fulfillment. That is when life becomes monotonous and we don’t know how to fix it. Better yet we wonder why we are unhappy in the first place. After all we are well fed, have roofs over our head, and are better off than so many in other parts of the world. Then suddenly we add guilt on top of un-fulfillment because we feel bad for not being thankful enough for what we have.

Yet our natural tenancy is to want to make the world a better place. Therefore that lack of happiness is an excellent tool that leads towards a more passionate life. It’s there to motivate us to make decisions that lead towards a more defined life purpose.

In order to win the world, we must be salt and light. We must have something in our countenance that attracts others to what is inside us. If we are dullsville folks, then we become part of the problem. I once read a sign that said “if Jesus is in your heart, please notify your face.” Such is painfully true. We must work our way into becoming infectious people God can use to help win this world.

In order to become that person, we must choose to identify and boldly live our passions. It’s what gives life meaning and us a sense of fulfillment. It’s what intimately connects us to God by allowing Him to use and shape our lives in such a way that we know we are being used for something fantastic.

That question. No matter how you ask it, you must ask it. What burns in your soul? What breaks your heart? What keeps you up at night? Ask it. Answer it. Then ask God to show you how to use it. Then use it.

Passion? It’s in you and it’s in me. It wants attention. Thats why it won’t let you or me be happy. It’s driving us towards purpose. Thank God He wants more for us!

Today’s pick of the day.

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