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Past to present. What to do when discipline and discernment collide. Today’s pick of the day.


There are times it seems discipline and discernment collide.

Discipline means you sift through pros and cons. Weigh the good vs. bad.  Consider the options and come up with strategic answers to questions. Even seek those who might offer wisdom.

Discernment is personal. Your inner voice speaks through your past and filters situations through the lessons life has taught you. The good, the bad, and the painful. Discerning takes you deeper than discipline. Yet it can also be how God uses our life experiences to mold us into people who can be used for His purposes. If we are willing. 

This week the two had a head on collision as I was struggling to make an important decision. Having been introduced to a friend, as usual I was guarded. I was ready to apply discipline to determine the potential of authentic relationship. Logic swept in. Questions lingered. The urge to apply self protection to avoid a costly mistake took the lead. Yet my heart was drawn to her, even though worthy questions clouded my ability to reason with my thoughts.  Discernment argued with discipline.

After praying about it it hit me. This was my past meeting my present. She was me– twenty years ago. Then, I was the one in need of direction. Longing for authentic friendship. Needing someone who could help link my talents with my dreams. What I needed most then was someone to help me by taking a risk on what I said I could do.

The flashbacks flooded in. Though the circumstances were not the same, the needs were a match. Back then, someone in a position to help reached into my life and offered an opportunity that changed everything. For me he opened a door to pursue my purpose with a passion. With both fear and faith I entered in and worked feverishly to earn his respect.  We worked together for years.

Thankfully discernment took the lead. Yet discipline had it’s say. Clearly, I was to extend the same grace lended to me years ago. No doubt God is at the center of it all. He is at work, doing what He does. Bringing together people who need each other.

We are all called to help others, to share our gifts and talents. To open doors, to take a risk on others. To see the best in everyone. To look for opportunities for divine appointments that God plops right in the middle of our carefully crafted plans.

Discernment and discipline. They really make a great team. Today’s pick of the day.

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