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Paths and processes. How to finally find your easy button. Today’s pick of the day.


Where is that easy button? Dang if mine’s not missing!

Instinctively we know that the easy things in life are rarely worth pursuing. While we may pray for the path of least resistance, few are satisfied with mediocrity or the mundane. We may find ourselves bored at times, but then a passion for more burns within and causes our hearts to stir till we can’t help but consider exciting possibilities.

Then what? We struggle between what is and what we wish would be. That is where we look for that deceptive easy button that does not exist. I’ve spent years interviewing well known and successful people and every one of them had hurdles to cross and obstacles to overcome. Not one had an easy button. Yet each one smiled from the inside out. 

Part of every path is the process that leads to where you have to go the only way you can get there.  One step at a time, one day at a time, and one choice made for the right reason at a time. Decisions are what leads to destinations. Intensions are simply deceptive thoughts that make procrastination seem a viable option.

Paths and processes are perfected by persistence. Don’t give up. Don’t wait. And by all means, don’t forget… there is no easy button. If there were, we’d all be robots with funny voices who led boring lives and there would be nothing we could do to change it. Thankfully that is not the case. We get to pick!

Today’s pick of the day.

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