Patience! How to find your place in this world using restlessness as your guide. Today’s pick of the day.

Recently I’ve talked with several people who have felt in between what is and what could be. Restless with what they are doing, while trying to figure out how to find time to pursue what they wish they were doing.

Having relocated just over two years ago, you would think I would have moving down to an art. It’s not like I haven’t done this on numerous occasions. When I was a young professional and single, I moved several times to pursue a different town for an exciting new job. My work relationships paved the way for personal ones. Within a few weeks, I found my groove and never looked back.

It’s different moving a family. Way different.

We’ve found our groove. Well…. kids are settled into schools and friends, my husband is enjoying his not so new anymore job. I’ve finally found a day or two when I’ve not gotten lost trying to find my way around this sprawled out city. We’ve found a loving church home where we are making friends and enjoy the fellowship of a Community Group of close confidants whom we’ve come to love dearly. Me? Restless as all get out. I’ve a lot of energy and not sure where to apply it.

I’ve been called a go getter, not afraid to go after what I want. I’ll admit to being assertive when needed, as independence was a necessary character trait early in life. Yet for the first time in my life, I’m coming up empty on what to go get. 

This summer I participated in a Bible study called Restless.  It changed my thinking about that otherwise dirty word because I’ve always tried to turn down my restlessness and turn up my patience. After all patience is so Godly.  Before the study I felt condemned for any and all feelings of ill content.  Yet during the study we reviewed characters in the Bible who used their restlessness to get mighty things done. David. Joseph. Paul. Daniel. John the Baptist. Many more, probably all of them!

It was a timely reminder that restlessness produces activity. It might be the vehicle God uses in our life to move us from our comfort zone into His next step for us.  While I’m knocking on doors, exploring opportunity, I’m carefully on my knees asking God to lead. Closed doors? Plenty of those. To them I say “yes Sir.” In patience I trust God’s hand on my life.

Restlessness? Unleash it.  Let God stir your soul and and embrace the questions in your heart.  Patience? Blend the two. They must work in unison as you seek to find that perfect balance where your passion becomes your potential. Let it push you into uncomfortable places where God’s faithfulness intersects with your faith, and see amazing things unfold.

Patience! Got to have it, got to use it. But restlessness? It has its place too. Give it room to stir your soul and energize your body. Today’s pick of the day.











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