Patience vs. Impatience. Choose to use or choose to lose. Today’s pick of the day.



“What is your hurry?” He asked, looking at me like I’m crazy. “Hhmmm.” Startled, I looked at him.  “I don’t really know.” My response to this complete stranger left me wondering what my mannerisms said about my disposition. Apparently a lot.

That simple errand to the Post Office years ago was a defining moment. My body language was such that I appeared to be in a noticeable rush. So used to being pressed for time, I’d become accustomed to sprinting from one thing to the next. But that day, that man, got my attention. That is not how I wanted to live. Not then, not now.

In my career I’m about to venture into new territories. Due to decisions recently made (more on that later), excitement is building and I’m chomping at the bit to get started. Yet my success will be determined by one of two things. Patience vs. impatience. My old self would like to get in go mode, push through barriers, and rush the process, letting it all “work out in the end.”  Yet my wiser self has learned (the hard way) how costly impatience can be.

Patience is a fruit of the spirit of Christ. Therefore, if we have Christ, we have patience. Because He lives in me, it’s my job to use what I’ve been given. Therefore I must choose to use or choose to loose.  

How often have you rushed a decision? A relationship? For me I’d run slap out of numbers before I could count the times. While I’m one who believes in going after what I feel led to do, I also know  that drive must be tempered with discipline to go about things in an orderly process.

So… I’m in the wise council phase. I’m talking to people smarter than me because the Bible says that is wisdom. I’m also gathering data (sigh no fun) but that is part of the process and necessary to plan properly. In addition, I’m praying and reading my Bible because I know if I don’t seek God above everything else I will have no chance of success.

So. The battle wages. I’ll admit it’s a struggle!  Oh Lord thank you for showing me that impatience is not my friend. Thank you for showing me that Jesus came to live in me so that you could be patience in me when I’m so tempted to run ahead. Thank you for gentle reminders to choose to use what you have given me so I don’t choose to lose by going ahead.

Patience vs. Impatience. One winner. Choose to use or choose to lose. Today’s pick of the day.



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