Patriotism. The ugly war between freedom and FML. Pick a side! Today’s pick of the day.

Happy July 4th weekend! 

Our country’s birthday lends way to cook outs, parties, red white and blue, and hopefully a day to give thanks for our hard earned independence and freedom. At the crux of it all, patriotism. For 238 years, we are a free nation. 

Countless people have fought for that freedom. Many died horrific deaths. My father fought in World War II.  Because we did not have a close relationship, I know very little about his past and  nothing about his experience. Shame on me.  It was long ago and he passed when I was  twenty. However, I’m proud to know he served nobly.

In my younger days, I took things for granted. It’s hard to teach a kid adult perspectives. I’m sure I complained about what other kids had compared to what I had. I get it. 

Recently I became aware of a common phrase that made my skin crawl.  FML. I don’t have to explain, you’ve likely heard of it. It’s a popular site(s) that others use to vent using hashtags to complain about certain situations. (F… my life). “My girlfriend did this, my parents did that, my life sucks because….” 

Forgive my old fogey-ness, but FML? That seems beyond disrespectful. No family or person has it easy, but to go online for the sheer enjoyment of complaining about your life? Anyone with that much time on their hands needs a job. 

Patriotism is deep. It’s the love of country and gratitude for freedom. Our nation has flaws, but we are free. We have laws that require civil order, but we are free. There are people who disagree with what we stand for, but even they are free. If any one is so shallow that they feel it’s important enough to go online and post an FML, sadly, that too is a fought for freedom. We are a free people. Thank God. 

We could all complain about something, Lord knows nothing is perfect. No family has it all together, and no person is without flaw. My birthday wish for America is a trend towards patriotism and gratitude.  Where more people say and post encouraging things that spurs creativity and solves problems. It won’t make the complainers go away, but it would at least be an answer to the FML attitudes who need to shut up and get to work. 

It’s our Birthday America! Happy birthday to us! Our gift to those who have fought so that we can cook out and light fireworks? An attitude of gratitude. 

Patriotism, and the ugly war between freedom and FML. Pick a side!  Today’s pick of the day!


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  1. Great column, Beth, and congratulations from this old Marine sergeant. Hope you and Fred have a wonderful July 4th weekend!

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