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Pause? No. Ready-fire-aim vs. ready-aim-fire. Today’s pick of the day.


In my younger days I was a bit ready-fire-aim. Life took its course and I was along for the ride. Things worked out ok though I made some unwise decisions along the way that had lingering consequences.

As a result, I’ve ended up a whole lot more ready-aim-fire, which I suppose beats the alternative. Yet as a Christian, you can’t always see the whole picture, therefore the “aim” can be a bit deceptive.

In September I decided to start a Christian Magazine in our city. To be Biblically sound I sought wise council. It started with my friend and editor at Mississippi Christian Living. She shared her business plan, experience, and encouragement. Step one check. Then I shared what I’d learned with my husband. He was in. Step two check. My kids thought it was a great idea. My mom and four siblings needed to know too so they all chimed in. Step three check. Then on to my dear friend and women’s ministry director at our church. She loved the idea. Step four check. Then our entire community group of about twenty voted a resounding yes. Step five check. To be sure, I emailed not one but both of our pastors. They loved it. Step six check. Still a bit unsure, I went to my business coach with a specific plan for final approval. After all the right questions, she concluded “this is perfect for you.” Check check check. 

It’s scary stepping out in faith and doing something knew. Yet God has something specific for each of us. It takes work, obedience, perseverance, and most of all faith. Those who’ve encouraged me have no idea how much it meant to have their “check”.

Our first magazine will be printed in April. Our team has worked so well together. God has blessed us with his presence.  Advertisers have joined the ranks and funded our efforts. Friends and family have prayed fervently and been steadfast in their interest.

Our magazine is about bringing unity to the Body of Christ. Ironically, we have experienced that very thing in producing it. It would have been impossible without each and everyone who has stepped in and offered their individual contributions.

There have been moments when I’ve been afraid, discouraged, and down right ready to quit. Yet deep down, I knew that would be a deafening defeat.

Pause? Nope. Scary? Yes! In need of prayer? Please! Yet pressing forward with a bit of ready-fire-aim and ready-aim-fire seems the perfect balance.

Today’s pick of the day.

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  1. Can’t wait to see the first issue, Beth. Hope you and Fred are doing well.

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