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Peace and love. Not just for the 60’s. Today’s pick of the day.

Sometimes things are just plopped in our lap.

As was a sermon series that was given to me by my husband that was given to him by his friend and business partner. Settling in for a long drive to visit my recuperating mom, I decided I might as well listen and reluctantly inserted the cd.

An hour into it, I was still stuck at the first question. “Have you truly accepted the fullness of God’s love for YOU?” Well of course I have, I’ve been a Christian for years. I’m even in ministry. Duh. God’s love, that is just so, well basic. Jesus loves me this I know……

He went on to ask uncomfortable questions. “Do you have peace that surpasses understanding? Do you sleep well, able to keep ‘worries’ at bay?” Uhhmm.  “Do you Trust God in every area of your life?” Ouch.

I have my faith and love days. There are also days filled with fear, leaving me to feel like a failure as a Christian. That is not God’s will.  Those days serve as opportunities for defining moments, alerting my spirit that I’m not trusting in the love of God that is there to permeate every area of my life.

Sometimes going back to the basics is in order. Have you fully accepted God’s love? Has that perfect love cast out fear? If not, settle that issue in your heart if it takes meditating on it day in and day out. That simple question took me right back to Christianity 101. Sometimes a step backwards is a giant leap forward. He loves me! He loves you. 

God’s love. It’s the foundation of our Faith on which every other promise firmly stands. Without that transforming truth, we have no choice but to waver in every other area of our life.  Yet by meditating on His love and reading about it in His word, other beliefs stand at attention in confident Faith in a loving Father.

Peace and love.They are from the abundance of God’s love for you and for me. Gifted to us through the sacrifice of his Son Jesus. All we have to do is believe in it above all else. From that our foundation becomes unshakable.

Today’s pick of the day.

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