People. 2 ways to decide who to let in and who to push out. Today’s pick of the day.



People. According to my trusted friend and informant Siri, there are over 7 billion people in the world. Wow. Lots of people. All shapes, sizes, races, and backgrounds. Some are rich, others poor, many happy, many not so much. Considering that no one is exactly the same as anyone else, that means we have over 7 billion varieties of personalities, professions, and possibilities. That is vast to say the least.

Picking people is one of the most important choices to make. We can’t be everything to every one, nor can anyone meet each and every need our hearts desire. Therefore, selecting who we let in and who we push out can be the most important aspect of positioning our lives for happiness and success.

Establishing filters are key.  We much pick and choose. 

1. First, decide firmly who to let in. Key relationships are deserving of our best time and attention. Consider your inner circle, and critique your ability to be your best. Are you rushing critical relationships?  If you are too busy to listen, to offer advice, and be closely involved in the lives of those who matter most, then you already know you are too busy. Take time to hear the hearts of those important to you. That requires unscripted time, eye contact, and listening at a deeper level.

2. Second, decide firmly who to push out. This is important!  We don’t want to cheat the ones we love by “nickeling and diming” our time with relationships that don’t matter. We all have friendships, co-workers, and even family members that are not healthy relationships that bring mounting frustration into our lives. Pay attention to that inner voice! Accept those unhealthy relationships for what they are, and accept them for what they will never be. Walk away and invest in the people who help you grow, make you feel good about yourself, and make you a better person by pushing you to be your best.

Who comes to mind? Recently I accepted the truth that a friendship that had been growing was not going to be a healthy one. Red flags were flying, and they were flying high. I pulled back, reluctantly, but determined. There is just not enough time in the day to pour energy into something that is not a match. While it’s hard to do, it paves the way for better relationships to develop and emerge.

People? Pick and choose wisely who to let in and how to push out. Today’s pick of the day.

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