People Power. It’s all about who you know. Better yet, who you NO. Today’s pick of the day.



People have power. To encourage. To discourage.

Recently I had a conversation with a former colleague that was meant to discourage me. It took a day or two, but I realized quickly that she would be placed in the “who you no” category. She didn’t attempt to be kind or constructive, just rude and abrasive.

Sometimes it’s about who you know. Other times, it’s about who you no.

We have power too. Power to choose who we allow to influence who we are and what we do.

Three things to consider:

Be intentional about who you hear. Many people offer advice on topics about which they have little knowledge. Even though you can’t avoid self proclaimed experts, know ahead of time the difference in idle talk and an opportunity to learn from someone in a position to teach. We must protect ourselves from undue criticism from people we shouldn’t be listening to in the first place.

Second, be intentional about what you say. There is no way to underestimate the power of words and the intention behind them. Few people learn the skill of filtering words so that they are crafted with precision and authority. When you speak, realize words have deep meaning.  Proverbs 18:21 says “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” That is serious power. 

Finally, look at your filtering system. Just like we change filters in our homes, we need to change the internal filter of what goes in to who we are and what goes out to others. We need to daily strengthen the filter that determines who gets the power to influence who we are.

My colleague meant to discourage me. While stunned, I was able to look at the situation and realize she had no credentials or expertise to back up her opinion. Her words were not from a bank of knowledge but from a lack of it. It was my job to review the conversation and filter the information to determine validity.

People are powerful. We influence, as do they.

Who you know can be important. Who you no can be critical.   Today’s pick of the day.

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  1. We all have sand paper people in our lives. Thank you for the good advice on how to discern truth and throw off the things that entangle us and leave us discouraged. I enjoy reading your posts!

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