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Perception. It’s NOT always reality. Today’s pick of the day.

image001My husband and I enjoy watching The Voice. It’s entertaining as well as educational. The fact that the judges can’t see the contestants unless they turn their chairs to become their coach presents a twist in how perception often dictates outcomes. It’s enlightening to see raw talent judged without the aid of appearance. Part of the entertainment is the shock on the judges faces when they see a person behind a voice that does not match what they had visualized.

This week I inadvertently became a mediator between two people who could not seem to connect. One party was attempting, the other non-responsive. Thus the one initiating  assumed disinterest and displayed  disappointment. Turned out the uninterested party had experienced a family crisis and the last thing on his mind was anything outside of a hospital room.

That same week a friend mentioned that she was angry at her husband. For days she stewed. I asked her, “Does he know why you are angry?” She responded. “Well he should!” Chances are he had no clue. I offered advice based on experience. “My opinion is you have no right to be angry if you don’t tell the him why you are angry.” She simply said, “Hmmm.”

Perception is powerful. We make judgments every day in an effort to make sound decisions. However it’s rarely productive to assume without some concrete knowledge as the basis of your conclusion. Second guessing the intentions of others rarely turns out to be accurate.

Great communication is based in truth and mutual understanding. While perception is powerful, use it carefully. It can also be lethal. Today’s pick of the day.

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