Peril. What are you willing to die for? No really, it’s a good question. Today’s pick of the day.


The news is scary, especially if you are a Christian. Many are being persecuted to the point of death in other countries, and even though those incidents seems worlds away, often there are horror stories closer to home. According to Reuters, reported cases of Christians killed for their faith around the world doubled in 2013 than the year before.

Danger is one thing. I’ve survived a home invasion as well as a bank robbery.  Those happened to me. It’s my goal to avoid danger when possible.  But there are those rare examples of brave people who walk right into possible peril for something  bigger than themselves.

Another person that I interviewed is Ambassador Andrew Young. He was a integral part of the Civil Rights Movement. A brave man to say the least. He witnessed much hatred as he marched alongside Martin Luther King Jr., and was willing to risk his life for a cause greater than himself. One of the questions I asked the Ambassador, was how he was willing to walk into the streets everyday, keenly aware of danger and death. His answer was powerful.

“If your life has nothing in it worth dying for, then is your life worth living?” That question has lingered in my mind since.  We read stories in the Bible of people with bold faith who risked everything to follow Jesus. They left family, homes, and followed Him. Others went to jail. Us? We are quietly thankful something so treacherous has never been asked of us. Often we hope it never does.

I’m not going to ask if there is anything in your life worth dying for. Few of us will make history like Ambassador Young. But… what are you willing to stand for? Boldly? Without fear of ridicule? Is there a cause or mission that burns in your soul? Are you willing to ask the tough questions and make the bold statements?

Peril is not just physical. It’s spiritual. A life void of meaning and purpose. It’s a quiet death, where we quit striving and accept surviving. We see others making a difference, and silently mourn our own lack of passion and purpose.

Examples like Ambassador Young remind us life is meant to be lived boldly, with faith, and pursuing God’s purposes and impacting His kingdom. We are here to make a difference. To live and to be alive. To encourage and to be encouraged.

Peril? Hopefully not, but a life of meaning-yes!. Today’s pick of the day.





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