Persistence. How to know, grow, and sow your spiritual gifts. Today’s pick of the day.

We all want easy answers when it comes to spiritual gifts. What are they? How can we know? 

Know. If you are a Christian, you have been given gifts to further the Kingdom of God. (1  Corinthians 12) Yet often, we find ourselves afraid to claim our gifts, assuming others will think poorly of us and see us as prideful. Sadly due to misunderstanding, some shun us altogether as we are attempting put our gifts to work in pursuing God’s will. 

Grow. No such fast forward button exists in becoming who we are called to be. In learning from the life of Joseph (Genesis 37-50) we read that he had the gift of interpreting dreams. Yet, he was sold into slavery, put in prison for doing something right, and seemingly tossed around from place to place as the vision for his life finally become a reality twenty-three years later. 

Sow. Joseph died at 110 proclaiming boldly to his family that God was faithful to do what He said he would do. He knew his gift, tirelessly grew his gift, and ended his life sowing that gift into others. 

How would our world be different if God’s children had the same certainty of our spiritual gifts as we did when we opened a birthday gift? Have you ever opened a present and been afraid of an empty box? 

My calling as a writer started fourteen years ago. Since then, I’ve had doors slammed in my face, people scream at me at writer’s conferences, and more no’s than I can recall. Yet over the years, I’ve slowly learned my craft, and trial after trial, I can see that God has grown me into someone who accepts the persistence required to become what He has called me to become. It’s not easy. But my life and yours is the fertile ground used to our grow our gifts into something God can use when He so chooses. 

Our world needs God’s people to come together and get to work. Much can be done when His gifting is embraced and we encourage one another to boldly proclaim God’s presence through spiritual gifting. This is the real unity our world needs.

Gifts from God. Wow! It is real. It is amazing. And it is powerful. 

Persistence. Know. Grow. Sow. Today’s pick of the day. 





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