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Phones!? Making memories in the moments!


To the man I run by frequently in my neighborhood. You are outside with your kids, fun!  They are running and playing and having a blast!  From time to time they say, “look daddy” and you glance over and smile. Then you look back down, at your phone.

To the man sitting next to me at the LSU Basketball game a couple of weeks ago. Your precious and beautiful daughter is a “tween.” That means she won’t in your home much longer. Your influence is waning by virtue of life stage. It was hard not to notice you were texting someone the entire game. Your daughter sat quietly, while you would from time to time look at her and even make small talk with her. But she didn’t really try to get your attention. Unlike the young kids, they won’t fight for your attention. They will find it elsewhere.

To the young moms who are on the phone when picking up your children from school or preschool. Please! Turn your phone off for an hour when your kid gets in or out of the car.  There is no time more precious than that glorious time driving around with them.

Most kids are going to get our attention one way or another. It can be a positive or a negative. You are the one most often to choose via the environment you intentionally create for them.

My kids are now 20 and 23. I’m now a ‘BB’ with a precious 10 month old grand baby. It’s true that hind sight is 20/20. Everyone says time flies, such as the case with raising children.

I’m no expert nor am I a perfect parent, not even close. But it’s easy to see what is happening. This addiction to screens is quietly eroding intimacy in relationships. Spontaneous conversation is no longer even a thing because silence is no longer permitted.

I get it. It’s all here to stay, phones, dings, alerts and vibrations. And I use mine all day every day. That won’t change. But when the opportunity to make a memory with someone special is before me, I pray to the Good Lord above I’ll have the good sense to mute my phone if but for a short while.

Don’t let some unimportant ding wreck your relationships or put distance in between you and the ones you love most. It’s not worth it.

Make memories in the moments. Time flies! 1414963346742_wps_1_Woman_with_mobile_phones_

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