Physical Body-5 ways to get healthier easier. Today’s pick of the day.


Based on my body weight, I’m supposed to drink enough water a day to pretty much schedule all activities around the necessary frequent visits to the ladies room.  Please someone with letters behind their name tell me that all my coffee and tea count towards my quota of water a day.

That is only one suggestion made by the many experts that inform me of all the new trends. This food is good, that one is bad. Eat more of this, throw away that, and listen to Dr. So and So and read Mrs You Know Who’s latest book. Blah blah blah. No disrespect intended.

Health is an important topic, and many consider me to be a health nut. Exercise is a form of therapy for me, so that typically makes it into my regularly scheduled activities. But I’ll admit that it is down right scary all the things experts are “warning” us about. For me I just have to apply common sense and do what works for me.

I’ve simplified my approach. I’d love to hear your ideas as well. Respond and let’s learn from each other.

1. If God made it, it’s good for me. Eat more of the things His hand created.

2.  Eat less, move more. (Dr. Laura taught me that one) Simple! Take the stairs, park further away. No second helpings. You get the drill.

3. Often when I think I’m hungry, my body is really thirsty and a big glass of water (that goes towards your quota) buys time.

4. Enjoy food. Don’t obsess over it. Just develop healthy habits and stick with them.

5. Pray the Lord to Bless what I eat to my body as I do strive to treat it like a temple.  ( I don’t pray that over cheesecakes).

While I listen to new research and experts, it’s too much too quick and each day seems different than the day before. This has helped me not be so afraid of what everyone is saying.

Taking care of our physical body, and how to get healthy easier. Today’s pick of the day.



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