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Pick! How to choose right when times are just wrong. Today’s pick of the day.

There are many components to publishing a magazine. One, stories. I’m all about the stories. So many to be told, so little time. Don’t let anyone tell you God is not at work.

Second, advertising. Selling ads supports the magazine. It is not an option, therefore takes time and energy.

With that comes the opportunity to meet many amazing people. Those in ministry, some who lead huge companies, some who’ve survived against great odds, and some who just want to help.

Then… there are days. Last week my check engine light came on. Uh oh bad timing. The next day I had a meeting over an hour away. So…. I decided to postpone the car repair so that I didn’t miss the meeting. After all we’d scheduled it days in advance.

I’m not one who dislikes driving. It gives me time to pray, think, make calls, or listen to music. So the next day I headed to my meeting all happy and stuff. Upon arriving I put my sales hat on and went in the office to announce my arrival. I should have known by the look on the faces of those at the reception desk. “You are here to see who?” Oh dear.

Things happen. An emergency in another state had caused her to be wisked away on a plane to solve bigger issues than mine. Trying not to look discouraged, I walked back to my car.

Part of me wanted to cry. The other part of me wanted to scream. But then a little voice reminded me to “be thankful in all circumstances.” Sadly many times I don’t heed the advice of that voice, but this day I did. Too much work yet to be done to throw the hat in for the day. So I said. “OK Lord, out of obedience, I thank you that this meeting was cancelled.” Believe me, my words did not match my feelings. My feelings went everywhere but to gratitude.

Yet within a few minutes, I began to refocus and enjoy my day. I’d like to say something wow happened that made me realize that I’d made the right decision. It did not. Yet, because I was obedient when I didn’t want to be, I felt a little more faithful. I’d given God a little more control.

It’s easy to do the right thing when it’s easy. It’s when it’s hard we are tested.

I’ll reschedule that meeting. I’ll drive the hour, again. But those moments of growth, they don’t come along every day. I’m just so thankful for those times when I learn how to choose right when things are just wrong. Oh for the faith to do that more!

Today’s pick of the day.

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