Places, 3 easy ways to make your home happier today. Today’s pick of the day.


Home. No place like it. It’s where we kick off our shoes and relax. 

Apart from living alone, it’s also where we interact with the most important people in our lives. Spouses, children, parents, relatives, roommates, and guests. It’s the place relationships grow, are stretched, get tested, and overcome difficulties. 

Recently our nineteen year old daughter moved back home. She had been away for almost three years (different blog). When you add another personality to three already strong ones, there will be adjustments. More shoes at the door, more dishes to be washed, another car to squeeze into the driveway, and two boxes yet to be unpacked. 

In my training as a Lay Minister as well as a Stephens Minister, I learned skills that have helped me grow:  

1. Listen more. Most arguments don’t start as arguments, they became misunderstandings. Those are often conversations cut short, interrupted, fast forwarded and as a result, misunderstood. Listen well to others, especially the young people trying desperately to find a voice in this noisy world.  

2. Speak less. If you are going to talk, measure every word. Purpose it, craft it, and ensure none spoken in haste. Words are so powerful. Each should be spoken with the realization of the power they yield. 

3. Accept others. We are never going to make anyone into what we wish. Each person is different yet all are desperately seeking acceptance. While we won’t agree with everyone, we can accept, advise (when asked) and offer encouragement. It’s when we point fingers and speak down to others that we forfeit our positive influence. 

Home. The word alone stirs deep emotion. My daughters shoes at my door? They are an answered prayer.  My sons muddy tires? That too is a precious sight. We are growing together, pushing each other, and working to apply the discipline necessary to be a family that values one another.  Sometimes we fail miserably and face our imperfections.  But our goal is simple. Deal with reality, put tough issues on the table, have the conversations that need to be had, all while learning from our mistakes and loving one another. 

Home. We all want it to be a happy place. But happiness doesn’t just happen. It’s a habit that takes work and with it comes tremendous blessings.  The better your relationships, the better your life. Choose to enjoy the people in your life!  Smile, laugh, and loosen up. Don’t be an “I’ll be happy when…. person.” Choose happiness now! Not because things are perfect, not because there are no problems, but because home is an important place to the people that live there. 

Home. There is no place like it. Today’s pick of the day. 




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