Places! How to pick places that take you where you want to be. Today’s Pick of the Day.


Places. There are vast choices in the “where to go” category.

Where to go and what to do?  Where you end up greatly depends on the places you choose to go. And often of more import, where not to go.

There are no small decisions in life, each leads somewhere. Therefore, align your decisions with a specific sense of direction. Otherwise you end up wondering how you got where you never dreamt of being.

Start with where not to go.  In eliminating “nots”, we make room for the places that are strategic in a more direct path. We don’t need help with those decisions. Our inner voice does its critical job. We know where we shouldn’t go, the people we shouldn’t be with, and the things we shouldn’t be doing. So quit. Put your strong will to work. Become great at walking away from “nots.”

Then, where to go. What do you wish for, those dreams that won’t hush? Are you listening? Who is the person you hope to become? Are you aligning your decisions accordingly? Be your very best you today, but walk towards the person you know you can be. It can be easier than you think.

Take action.

First. Make a call to someone who can help you move forward. Ask for help. Be bold in knowing what you want and go after it. Is it your boss? A counselor? Your spouse? A parent? A support group?  Pick one, then do it. 

Then decide one thing that leads towards who you can become. A class? A new way of eating? Working out? Volunteering? More quiet time? Intentional prayer time? Less screen time? Pick one, then do it.

Early in my writing career, it was my goal to interview well known people who knew exactly what God called them to do and how they made it happen. To speak to them face to face, often requiring extensive travel. Setting my sites on certain people, I made contact and asked for their time. Many said no, but an amazing amount of people said yes. Why? Because I asked. Often asking for what you want takes you places you never thought you could go.

Places. They are pretty important. Where to go, where not to go. And how to get where you’ve always dreamed of. Today’s pick of the day.




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