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Plans… New Years Resolutions vs. Old Year Revelations. Which works and which doesn’t? Today’s pick of the day.

image001  I’m not a planner because it’s my nature. I’m a planner because a lack of planning has proven costly over the years. I’ve learned the hard way.

While I don’t think it necessary to have New Years Resolutions, I do think it wise to have Old Year Revelations. To me that is key to reaching a point of resolve that brings about lasting change.

This is an excellent time for a productive glance in the rearview mirror. Be honest and real. Scan the events in 2014. What did not work for you? Change or eliminate that. Choose to be strong and do what needs to be done.  What or who tempted you? Flee. Flee. What relationships grew and which ones need attention? Write them down and establish a plan so that you can grow into a person who solves issues instead of ignores them. The way to get things done is simple. Get things done. 

Don’t go through the motions and set goals based on what you hope to do. Look back and learn from what kept you from doing it this year. Fess up to things that held you back and don’t beat yourself up over it.  Instead learn from it. Use it to light a fire in your belly. Use what didn’t happen last year to ignite a passion in your soul make your 2015 your best year yet.

The things you did great? Yeah, keep em’ up. Celebrate success and press repeat.  But when you consider New Years Resolutions, let them come from Old Year Revelations. Blending the two, well it just makes sense.

Plans? New Years Resolutions vs. New Years Revelations. Together they make a great team. Today’s pick of the day.

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