Plans. What to do when they fall apart. Today’s pick of the day.

10156032_686495038063711_8674242305794170168_nWhat is your life plan?

Many are the plans in a mans heart, but the Lords purpose prevails. Proverbs 19:21

Why plan? If the Lord’s purpose prevails, then why not just go with the flow and let life happen?

Scripture also says, Without a vision, people perish. Proverbs 29:18.

One of the people I interviewed a few years back was Ruth Schnatmeier.  She might not be famous, but to many around the metro Atlanta area, she is well known. She is the Director of the Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children.

When we talked, it was about how God had given her a vision to start a day shelter for women and children. There were places for families to stay at night, but during the day they needed food, doctors, dentists, community, and a place to get out of the southern heat. So Ruth went to work putting her plan into action.

Surprisingly, most of what she revealed during our time together were  seemingly insurmountable obstacles. She recalled money she did not have and a desperate need to find affordable land. Her vision combined with a complete lack of assets led her straight into a prayer room with others who had offered to help. This took her and her team out into the community where people finally began to help and donate – one at a time. Years into her plan, she finally built a premium facility where women and their children could find a loving hand for their struggling families.

What we learn from Ruth is the power of vision. She did not have what she needed to start. She had obstacle after obstacle. “I could see the new facility, I knew what it could become.” Said Ruth after buying an old run down building that had rats scattering about and stunk to high heaven. Others saw an unfixable mess, Ruth saw the vision God had given her.

Often we don’t lack vision. What we lack is understanding of why our plans fail.  When things don’t fall into place, we assume our vision is some grand phony idea from God knows where.  But God is at work in the midst of our plans, and vision energizes our passion to see it through, even when up against odds.

Do you have a plan for you life? God does, and His purpose will prevail, even when our plans fall apart.  Today’s pick of the day.

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