Play! All work and no play…Are you fun or boring? Today’s pick of the day.



Play. It’s important!  All work and no play makes “insert name here” a dull person.

Our culture has almost accomplished convincing many to over schedule and under enjoy. Too much talk about performance, drive, and success.  After a long days work, we are too tired to do anything but plop on the couch and imitate a potato.

No worries. Couch potato-ing can be good, if you’ve given work and play equal effort. It’s when we are all work and no play that we we become lethargic because we have not taken time to enjoy who and what we have. Don’t point the finger at others if your life is dull, you must become the change you want. (Got that one from Dr. Phil).

Has life gotten monotonous? Are relationships boring? Then fix it with a playful attitude! Lighten up and intentionally relax.  Golf, tennis, fish, books, games, long dinners and movies. Piddle around your garden. Play on the floor with your children. Anything outside. Ordinary conversation (the unplugged kind) can be outrageously fun as well as insightful! Laugh, listen, and engage. If you don’t, then frustration will cloud your mind with confusion as to why you are not “feeling” better about all those massive accomplishments.

Work hard, yes, but play hard too. Your office will survive without you, at least for a while. Make time for fun. Step out of the predictable. Be a better, well rounded you. Create an atmosphere that breeds creativity. Allow others the freedom to think beyond walls. Get new energy flowing and let people be people.

Need a change? All work and no play makes you boring and who wants boring?  Play more – then enjoy your life and the people around you. Today’s pick of the day.








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  1. I agree…If you are a workaholic….You must find some play time or you will burn out! I have to remind myself of this very frequently….

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