Play! The six words I’ll never forget from UGA Head Football Coach Mark Richt. Today’s Pick of the Day.

Becoming a UGA Bulldog was a rite of passage after living in Atlanta for years. While I didn’t attend University of Georgia, my two closest friends did. So they planned an initiation. We drove to Athens, tailgated all afternoon, attended a game, and wore obnoxious bulldog attire and screamed till will we couldn’t talk. Thus for one night, I became an authentic UGA bulldog.

Years later as a writer, I interviewed UGA Coach Mark Richt for a story to be featured in a magazine. During our time together we discussed his deep Christian faith, his wife and children, as well as his position as Head Football Coach. Now when I see UGA on the screen, I warmly recall his kind disposition as he shared his story. And six words I’ll never forget.

“You don’t win, you don’t stay.” He summarized his job. At the center of his plans he knew what was expected. Wins. No excuses. Problem solving.  The ability to figure out how to use what he had to assemble a winning strategy. Week after week. Game after game. Season after season.

Wanting to win? That is important. Needing to win? That is pressure. It requires stamina, thick skin, and serious problem solving skills. Above all else, it requires focus.

I’ll never be a football coach. But I can learn from one of the best. Perhaps that is the kind of drive that compels one to be their very best every day while also striving to bring out the best in others.

“You don’t win, you don’t stay.” Harsh way to live? Maybe. Or perhaps it will bring out the winner in all of us. Today’s pick of the day.

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